Ocean Saviour

Every day we're not removing plastic, there is more going in

To make big change, we need to make leaps of faith, backed up by big commitments – something that applies to all of us in our every day lives and from which none of us can escape.

Every day we're not removing plastic, there is more going in, so getting the project concept launched and publicised has been the big goal.

The Ocean Saviour project unites the aspirations of our generation with technology to attack the war on plastics in our oceans. The Ocean Saviour project team supports the work of worldwide Government agencies, scientists and researchers, identifying and locating the 5 major plastic masses at sea. It is a recycling vessel unlike any other on the oceans. Purposefully engineered to retrieve and recycle plastic from the oceans.

We have all wondered from our armchairs ‘But what can I do? What difference can I make?’

The answer is simple – we all need to help tackle this huge challenge. Take the pledge, reduce your own consumption of single use plastic, share our story and help educate others around you. Follow us across the various social media channels and sign up to receive regular updates as the Ocean Saviour project develops.


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