Co-founder Ocean Saviour

Richard is CEO of the hugely successful, which he co-founded with Simon White. He also supervises the business operations of and Roberts White Creative , enhancing both companies national and international status and elevating its standards of service and quality. Richard is also a committee member of British Marine Sailing.

Prior to creating TheYachtMarket in Southampton, Richard served as Managing Director of JARA International, the award-winning architectural firm based in Birmingham and in the South Coast, UK and working with associates SOSH Architects in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Richard has always been fascinated by water and has witnessed the gradual decimation of our seas through his passion for scuba diving.


Interior Designer; Marine Specialist

Ricky Smith Designs has created luxury interiors for many luxury yachts and worked on superyacht interiors in USA, China, Australia, and New Zealand. He designed interiors of 2 "Ulysses" projects directly with the owners and has created interior fit out systems which were applied to many interiors projects in Australia Europe and USA. The interiors of Ocean Saviour accommodations are light filled, spacious and utilitarian. The vast main deck is a dedicated commercial recycling facility with the upper 2 levels being dedicated to crew and volunteers.


Co-founder Ocean Saviour

Simon is the co-founder and CTO of and brings a wealth of creative technical experience from a across a range of disciplines including software development and web design.

Like Richard, Simon is deeply passionate about our seas and is not only a keen open water swimmer and scuba diver.

Dr Andrew

Multiphase Design (B.Sc (Phys/Comp Sci), B.Eng (Nav Arch) Hons 1, PhD, AM Rina, SNAME)

Dr Andrew Baglin is the founder and principal of Multiphase Design, a CFD and Naval Architecture consultancy based in Australia. Andrew has vast experience across a wide range of projects including high speed catamarans, sailing vessels and super yachts. Along with being a keen sailor, Andrew is also a World Sailing umpire meaning he spends significant time out on the water and has seen the devastating effects that plastic is having on the worlds oceans.


SFM Naval Architects (B.Sc (Maths, Comp Sci), B.Eng (Nav Arch))

Stuart Friezer is a leading designer of Wave Piercing Catamarans. The 99m WPC “Francisco”, achieved 58.1 knots on trials and is claimed to be the “World’s Fastest Ship”. The Danish owned 91m WPC “Cat Link V” holds the Hales Trophy, (commercial vessels) for the fastest average speed (41.3 knots) across the Atlantic. He has also had success with a number of sailing craft projects including high speed dinghies and cruising yachts.