"The oceans are our most vital resource. We need to keep them healthy."

"I have seen first hand the sad reality of our ocean's health. Now having been part of the team collecting micro plastic data for the first time around the world, we know the issue is much worse than we all initially thought. The Ocean Saviour project would make a difference. While we still have to address the single use plastic debris getting into our oceans in the first place, Ocean Saviour would tackle the issue of clearing it from our oceans. We need innovation and new technologies like this to make change happen, alongside people with energy and passion to drive that change like Richard Roberts."

Dee Caffari MBE, Turn the Tide on Plastic Volvo Ocean Race skipper

Turn the Tide on Plastic

“The oceans are our most vital resource. We need to keep them healthy. Ocean Saviour’s project to remove plastic from our oceans should be applauded. As Reef Check monitors ocean health around the world and sees the impacts of pollution first-hand, we support their ambitious approach to solving this problem.”

Dr. Jan Freiwald, Executive Director, Reef Check Foundation

Reef Check Foundation

“For the last ten years I have been studying, filming, photographing and talking about ocean plastic pollution and it is clear to me that the problem has now reached a critical point where something must be done. It is also evident that we still need more research, an increase in awareness and a radical change in our behaviour if we are going to resolve this issue. However, there is also a need to take positive action to reduce the scale of the problem that already exists; the Ocean Saviour project is that positive action. This project will harness innovation and science, encourage the development of further solutions, provide an opportunity to bring about change and importantly, demonstrate our determination to protect and preserve the most precious resource we have. As an environmentalist, scientist and simply someone who cares about the future of our planet and its oceans, I am delighted to be a part of this programme.”

David Jones, Environmentalist, Media Diving Specialist, Speaker, Just One Ocean Founder

Just One Ocean
The Big Microplastic Survey
University of Portsmouth

“With every breath we take, every drop we drink, we're connected to the ocean. Our blue planet depends on the vitality of the ocean to support and sustain it. But our oceans face a major threat from rubbish flowing in, mostly from rivers around the globe. New technology like Ocean Saviour are vital to help make real change. Big Blue Ocean Cleanup are proud to support The Ocean Saviour Project.”

Rory Sinclair, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup